ECMS & SCADA System Integration

Basic and detail design of systems, program development, system integration, FAT and SAT of ECMS & SCADA

Performing basic & detail design of systems, program development,
system integration and FAT & SAT of ECMS and SCADA


Electricity, gas, heat and water & waste water plant


  • Production and integration of system hardware
  • Integration of software
  • Design of communication between RTU and bay controller
  • Analysis of efficiency of communication
  • Generation of DB of master station
  • Generation of graphics
  • Generation of DB & logic of RTU
  • Implementation of data storage system
  • Implementation of System networking
  • Implementation of Interface with third party system
  • Implementation of network modeling software
  • Engineering of protecting device
  • Logic design of Bay control
  • Calculation capacity of CT, PT
  • Short current calculation
  • Design of installation & cabling
  • Test & site commissioning
Master Station System Integration
Integration of hardware
  • Integration of SCADA server, Front-End processor, RDBMS server, modeling server
Integration of network system
  • Industrial network system
  • Industrial wireless network system
  • NMS(Network Management Software)
Integration of software
  • Implementation of SCADA system software
  • Implementation of modeling software
  • Implementation of demand forecasting software
Implementation of RTU system
  • Integration of RTU, bay controller and protecting device
  • Integration of communication interface device
  • Implementation of logic
  • Configuration of communication driver
  • Configuration of RTU DB

ECMS & SCADA 시스템 공급 실적

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