Energy Saving System Products

LSK is specializing in providing turn-key based services and products of inverter systems for power plants, chemical and water & waste water treatment plants.

LSK-All-In-One Shelter

  • LSK-All-In-One Shelter equipped with built in inverter, power distribution board and controller and constant temperature & humidity control system
  • Pre-wired and compact size system


  • Solving of shortage of space problem to accommodate inverter & associated equipment and minimizing additional modification of existing equipment & control system by holding all equipment into shelter
  • Minimization of alteration of DCS program
  • Minimization of time of wiring, test & site commissioning
  • H-beam reinforced structure withstanding entire equipment weight
  • Pre-wired cable of high & low voltage
  • Built-in fire-fighting equipment
  • Built-in emergency lighting system
  • Built-in filters for anti-dust & humidity
  • Built-in outdoor lighting system
  • Tailored design and production

Photo of LSK-All-In-One Shelter

Yaskawa Inverter : MV 1000


Yaskawa Inverter : MV 1000

1. Compact Design (World’s Smallest!)

  • Streamlining of size by 30~60% compared to the conventional Yaskawa products

2. High performance

  • KEB Function (Continued Operation without base-blocking even when momentary power losses occur)
  • Power cell: 3-level output
  • PG-Less precise vector control
  • IM/SM Compatible control
  • Dwell function (Accelerating and decelerating smoothly with large inertia loads)
  • Function of Preventing motor stall due to overvoltage
  • Function of synchro switch over

Composition of YASKAWA inverter

YASKAWA Inverter